inner kingdom

The kingdom suffers violence…

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:12 NCV

This year, I have found a passion to speak and write about the kingdom of God.  This inner realm resides within every human being and while it may be silent at some point when awakened, the kingdom will softly speak into the heart and soul saying, ‘you are divine’.  The kingdom within us struggles to heal suffering. It loves justice and peace.  When we see ourselves as the solution our humble contributions lift us to become a higher self.   Living in the kingdom.


“In order to enlighten, we must be strong and have courage to speak. The kingdom of God dwells in people. Therefore the mind is the battleground in spiritual warfare not the body.”  Bishop Naomi Davis

In your quiet moments, what are you thinking?

We who are awakening in the kingdom are banning together blog by blog, arm in arm, and voice by voice to expose the suffering and declare, that the kingdom is at war fighting to eradicate racism, economic injustice, prejudice within our hearts.  We must understand that the game plan of the world is to divide us by severing our commonality. But the strategy of the kingdom is to unite us by illuminating the divine nature within us all.

We pray for those who chose to think differently; for those who are willing to open their  minds to listen.  We pray for those who will speak out in love as truthful & experienced voices.  If we truly are awake then we can share our truth in love and heal hearts then the suffering within can be healed.


As a Christ follower, I strive to be love, despite hatred, indifference, and injustice. This higher self is the only acceptable conclusion for humanity in my opinion.  My mission therefore is to teach the message that my master taught us, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 4:17.  Awakening the kingdom is critical to seeing Christ manifested on the earth, in the world, in our neighborhoods, in our lives.

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