inner kingdom

God is Light

And this is the good news that we have heard from him and we evangelize to you: God is Light and there is no darkness at all in him… If we walk in The Light, as he is in The Light, we have communion with each other …


God is Light.  There is no darkness in Him.

I live in the desert and on most nights, I can look up into the sky and see millions of stars.  The vastness of the deep sky calls me to question, what is out there, are we in this universe alone?  There is a line in the movie Contact where this question is asked by actress Jody Foster’s character when she was a child.  Her father answers, “If we are the only ones, it seems like a terrible waste of space”.  I agree.  Whether other life forms exist time will tell but the awesomeness of creation is so clear. It is beautiful regardless of ones willingness to ascribe it to a creator. There is a song in the Old Testament with a line that states, What is man that Thou are mindful of him Psalms 8:4? The psalmist David must have had the same feeling that I had looking up at the sky at night.

What is the purpose of creation? I believe it is to show how much the creator loves us or for those still unconvinced, how beautiful we are on the earth as humanity. I believe the goal is to challenge us to love one another. Surely we will not destroy this awe inspiring universe because some of the creatures cannot envision a creator?

St. John gives us a lofty vision of the faith when he unveils to us that God is light. Truth is light too. When we recognize truth, we see beauty, uniqueness, and harmony, in the universe. We then can see God’s the light shining in everyone.

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things  are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. Philippians 4:8

All can be awakened.

We are striving to be greater, better, more loving, and light but the society is gripped in being hateful, confusing, lesser, and darker. We must focus on the good things.  We are admonished to think on these things.  Do not underestimate the power of meditating on the kindness, caring, peace, love, beauty, or hospitality. We are lights in this world. When we shine, we ignite others to be kind, loving, and caring too.


God is indescribable in my opinion.  We are free to believe He exists or not.  When we reflect the light of His love, the love that his son came to empower us to display, we reveal God’s most powerful attribute; love.   I find strength in knowing that the Father loves me and wants us to love one another too.

God has no limits, God has no duality, God has no imperfection.  This is the doctrine of transcendence, which confirms that God supasses the realm of matter, energy, and human consciousness.  So which is it?  Is God immanent and personal, or transcendent and infinitely far away?  Can we touch the face of God, or must we remain blinded by a veil that separates us from the Ultimate Mystery?  Is spirituality about finding intimacy with God who is present, or standing in awe of the God who is so vast that we cannot consciously know him?  The answer is yes. –Carl McColman, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism.

When we look through the eyes of love and light, we see a world with unlimited possibilities; no hunger, no homelessness, peace and community.  Those awakened recognize this as being Thy Kingdom come.

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