inner kingdom

“becoming by grace what God is by nature”

II Peter 1:4 says that we have become ” . . . partakers of divine nature.”

By grace we can become love, so there I said it.  We have the opportunity to become our true selves; to be like Christ.  We are not designed to hate, destroy, disrupt, but rather to love, build, and live in harmony.  I blog to challenge myself to speak this revelation that has most changed my life; St. Athanasius tells us that God became like man so that the sons of men could become the sons of God. This teaching has experienced some debate but my sharing it is not for scholastic application but spiritual revelation.

I am not solely what you see. We know intuitively that the body is not the sum total of who we are. Our minds and emotions also share in our identity.  For those of us who have had a spiritual awakening, rebirth, or renewal, we know that our bodies have very little to do with who we are.  We need them of course to accomplish our purpose in life but not to worship them. I am a divine being. This is the truth that I believe St. Peter was trying guide the early Christians to see.  Whatever spiritual path you journey upon, I hope it leads us all come to embrace our origin in God and this divine loving nature. You mean, we are all divine? Yes! We all are spiritual beings who are loved by God.

We have been born into a world that distracts us from our origin.  We are shaped to believe this life is the greatest experience that we will have and to accumulate wealth and power is all that matters. We are all born through a miracle.  We are faced with infinite choices to become our destined selves.  By the grace of God, we can awaken and live an abundant life inside and out.

St. Athanasius of Alexandria teaches that theosis is “becoming by grace what God is by nature”.    We cannot grasp “what God is by nature” but we capture a glimpse of it when we look at nature. Nature overwhelms the world with its beauty.  It shares its life as food.  It garners respect from the smallest rock to the mightiest mountain.  Just as nature has a unique identity , mankind does as well.  When we embrace it, we can become creators and that power exercised with love transforms everything in its path. Christian Mystic Carl McColman shares, “The teachings of the great mystics speculate on the nature of this love, where it came from, and we believe it is accessible to all“.

We are created by love to be loved and to love.  This divine nature that St. Peter alludes to is a natural state of being.  We only need to embrace the grace to live and walk it out. Divine. Nature.

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