inner kingdom

Live. Now.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrew 11:1

By faith, we possess our results before they manifest. The power of faith is in the present. I can grab a hold of it, in my heart. Faith is supernatural, mystical, even metaphysical. Faith is tangible. To believe all will be well or despite the outcome, I will be in the right place empowers us to believe in ourselves, humanity, the universe, and in God despite the circumstances.

Faith in time

“Now” relates to time. The past and future are outside of our reach but not from the reach of the “now”. Faith adds assurance to things not yet materialized in the now. The intersection between desire and fulfillment is held together by strings of faith. This perspective takes faith, especially when events in our lives test our resolve. I believe life is a divine gift. My time and yours too on this planet is not by happenstance. Now is our time.

The Now Moment

The ‘now’ is eternal. When we learn to live in it, our minds open to thoughts like, ‘how long is now?’ Although fleeting, a series of ‘now moments’ become a lifetime of present moments. We may have been taught to wait for tomorrow but we should embrace life every moment. Fill every moment with love, joy, peace, and gratitude. We will be amazed at the treasure chest of experiences we are gathering.

What do physicists say about time? “If we identify something repeats then we can begin to identify it with time”. Dr. Neil Degrasse shares about time.

Maybe faith becomes tangible or has substance because of the experiences that we gain from our lives. Could it be, faith showing up over and over creates a reality, a ‘now-ness’ to believe in what we cannot see? Maybe this is why in order to have this wonderful faith experience, one has to first believe it is possible. I cannot prove it to you but then again maybe I can, if you have faith!

Now. Faith.

I travel the path of life as a Christ-follower. I look for Christ in the midst of challenges. He said that He wouldn’t leave me and He never has. I trust Him. He has never let me down. Having faith is special. Having faith in oneself is transformational. Having faith in the creator can activate a compass to guide our lives.

My life’s purpose is to bring love and light to this world. Join in and shine your inner light. Live with purpose and love. Live every moment, don’t waste one second of the ‘now’. This is key to having a “kingdom within” awakening. Have faith!

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