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Being Your Divine You

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There is power in discovering who we are truly called to be in Christ and to have the courage to walk out our purpose

I wrote a book entitled, Seven Keys To Awaken The Kingdom Within. The book captures seven lessons that unlock an inner door to awaken you to a divine contemplation. The first key is Live Life in Truth. I cannot stress how important it is to understand how valuable your life is. There is only one ‘you’ in this universe. As a result, your life is filled with purpose. When we live in truth, we tap into the divine. When we see the divine in ourselves then we can see it in others. Be honest, pealing back the false you lets the real you emerge.

Let no one lessen your value in this world. We all have gifts to share.

Why were you born?

I started my journey to seek my purpose over thirty years ago. I had so many questions, “who am I and why was I born?” were the hardest to accept. I became familiar with authors like Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, The Desert Mothers and Fathers who were Christian mystics, and other divine thinkers who were challenging me to capture my thoughts. One life impacting book that I read was written by Laura Day entitled, Practical Intuition for Success. She helped me learn to trust my inner knowing and to embrace my thoughts. I laugh because back then, my relationship with purpose was more about pleasing others. I was similar to the bride-to-be character in the movie, Coming To America. When Eddie Murphy’s prince character asked her, “What do you like?”, she responded, “Whatever you like.” Looking back, I did not have a road map outlining what steps I should take to pursue my passion. No one taught me to be free on a journey of self discovery. I had to leave home, my comfort zone to learn about the world, my faith, and my calling. Today, I know who I am called to be. I have not arrived yet I have more work to do but I know that I was born with a purpose. I share my journey to help others discover there’s.

Have an attitude of gratitude

My first steps toward self-awareness were thoughtful but taken with fear of rejection and doubt. I did not understand that Christ loving me included some wonderful things for me to do on his behalf. The beauty in being a Christ follower is truly to walk in his footsteps. Hopefully as I do, I will become just like him; loving and selfless.

Hearing about purpose, loving my calling, and embracing my inner knowing has been transformational. I am so grateful to have found my path. The greatest awakening however has been finding out that I am not alone. Pursuing purpose does not create conflict between us but rather a harmony. Life is not just about me, it is about the neighbors who are on their journey sharing this life moment with me. Being my divine self lets me look into your smile and see the divine in you. So, I guess, in reality, we are all one. Jesus explains it best when he prays to his Father, “that they all may be one, as thou, Father art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us. John 17:21.

We need you to seek out and become your divinely purposeful self. The world and I are thankfully waiting to meet you.

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