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When I was writing the book, I envisioned sitting with some experts, scholars, thinkers to discuss these topics on a broader scale. I mentioned this in the epilogue but I am now having the time of a lifetime actually sitting with these individuals and hearing there thoughts on the keys outlined within the book. The channel is private right now but will be made public at some point in the future. I wanted it to be special and provided to those who wanted to take this journey with me. Those who are a part of the Facebook group or on my email list have the links to the channel. Please share your insights on these platforms as well. Enjoy! More to come… CLICK LINK BELOW

Reviews & Feedback on Webinars

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Key #3 – Embracing Stillness

This was a great video. Being still has been a struggle since Bishop taught SOP in Madera. It is difficult to power down, so it is rare that I’m still for 15 min or more. This video taught me something practical… Starting out small instead of trying to tackle a full meditation session at once. Also, the scripture starting to become new, be still and know that I Am…. if I neglect being still, I’m not fully acknowledging I Am. ” Kim H. Fresno, CA