The Blogger


I am lovingly called Amma (Mother) Naomi or PC (Pastor Cheryl).  I am a human being, a woman of color, a bishop in an ancient Christian tradition, and a Certified Christian Life Coach. I am the overseer of the Berean Meeting Place; small groups that meet to empower individuals relationally, spiritually and physically (

I am a blogger. I blog to call upon the best that is deposited within each of us as human beings. My goal is to awaken the kingdom of heaven within.

I believe Jesus came to teach us about the kingdom thy kingdom come.  I believe the true purpose of Christ is to show us how to manifest this kingdom.  The tools are found within many traditions however I have discovered them in my Christian tradition,  unveiled within Christ’s wisdom teachings in the Gospels, contemplative spirituality, Christian mysticism, and the writings of the Desert Fathers & Mothers.

Jesus began his ministry preaching, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  If we can overcome our fears and look within ourselves, we will fulfill our purpose on this earth to manifest Christ.  Not a mythological creation of mankind but a selfless, loving, giving, spirit who is one with God. Christ in you the hope of glory. For more information visit,